llama logic


Llama Logic provides consultancy services for planning, analysis and reporting systems using IBM Cognos products. Proud to operate with agility, ingenuity and integrity.


  • Cognos Planning
  • TM1
  • Cognos BI
  • Planning Analytics
  • Cognos Analytics
  • Cognos Controller


Llama Logic is the contracting company of Stuart Pinchin.

An IBM certified TM1 developer and CIMA chartered accountant with many years of business experience, working with the full suite of IBM COGNOS products and implementing systems across a range of industries.

I pride myself on producing innovative and maintainable solutions to fit any bespoke requirements.

Why Llamas? Well!
a) every obvious company name is already taken
b) i love the mountains, the clear fresh air and the independence...


System Audit and Performance Issue Diagnosis

End to end project implementation - Design, Development, Deployment, Training

Dynamic GUI Menu system for TM1web

Create on the fly Workflow Applications in TM1Web and Workspace

Google Sheets - Cube Viewer Add-On

Interactive and Automated Reporting

Developer Tools available in VBA or Javascript (Hot Promote, TM1Top)

Integration of TM1 data with Open Street Maps

Excel Add-ins to extend Perspectives and PAX functionality (batch print in PAX, convert DBRW to static values)
Company number: 11060049